ep25 gearsFor decades, scientific studies have shown that, on average, we only use about 10% of our brains. This indicates that the vast majority of our potential is completely unused.

Most of us look to our profession as an outlet for our potential, but unfortunately, your job can’t provide all of the stimulation you need.

This means that fulfilling your potential requires pursuing other hobbies, passions and interests. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of things you can do to awaken your brain and start using more of your gears.

Here are 3 easy tricks to awaken your hidden potential…

  1. Set A Stretch Goal

We humans are great at “rising to the occasion.” We work best with a little bit of healthy pressure. Therefore, set a goal for yourself that’s at the edge of reason. This isn’t an “easily attainable” goal…this one is going to require extra effort, and it should be exciting. Then get busy chasing it.

  1. Rekindle A Lost Love

Remember when you were a kid and you loved doing…that thing. You did it purely for enjoyment. Maybe it was riding a bike, playing music or building things. Did you used to love to dance? Draw? Train horses? Dust off one of your forgotten passions and dive back in.

  1. Rediscover Nature

Studies prove again and again that the smells, sights and sounds of being in nature stimulate your brain. Getting outside and observing the effortless beauty helps make more sense of your life, and opens your eyes to unforeseen possibilities. Get outside and open your eyes, ears, nose…and mind.

There is so much you still have yet to discover in this precious, expansive life. It’s exciting, adventurous and full of richness. You deserve to operate more than a few of your gears. How will YOU expand yourself and use your unused gears today?

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