ep19 uniqueNo one wants to be ordinary. We all crave excellence, but sometimes our BIG ideas can seem so…unattainable.

Fortunately, there’s a formula for excellence that is really easy to follow:

Find something that everyone loves (or used to love), and put a unique, appealing twist on it.

You see…if something is TOO new, it may be un-relatable and most minds will reject it. However, if a product, service or action is simply a new spin on an old favorite, it is familiar enough to be embraced and yet new enough to be heralded.

It’s like baking…how do you make oatmeal cookies exciting and new? Add chocolate chips…or cranberries…or almond butter.

How do bands make formulaic pop music fresh and hip? They remake an old hit and add a horn section…or an electric guitar…or a ukulele.

You can see it everywhere, from social networking sites to cell-phones, cars to vacation hot spots, and work-out equipment to fitness fads. Nothing great is truly new – it is just better than what came before it.

Something too far overboard may not be well received. But a little twist here and there wakes people up and gets their attention.

What small thing can YOU do to spice up the world around you TODAY?

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