shineJoseph Campbell once famously stated that, “The world is a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”

You are but one person, and while you can have a profound effect on the world around you, you simply cannot fix it all.

However, you can make the choice, day by day, to shine your light and brighten up your corner of your world. The way that you treat your family, the people you work with, and the strangers you meet have an effect, by association, on everyone else on the planet.

When you choose to be sullen or abrasive, you contribute to the problems.
When you choose to be joyful and kind, you contribute to the solutions.

Of course, the most profound way to make an impact is simply to find what you are passionate about and do that. Maybe you get great joy from feeding people or playing music. You might love learning new things and sharing them with others, or dreaming up new business ideas and making them happen.

I have three employees in Wisconsin that love to sing. Mary Jo sings on the weekends for a local band, Susan has long retired from the music scene, and Monica was involved in church choir and didn’t move into the professional ranks. Each year, my husband and I participate in a motorcycle rally – Living For Liz – that honors Monica’s daughter Elisabeth. She was only 24, a college graduate, newlywed, and had her whole life ahead of her. Without warning she discovered that her “bad flu” was stage 4 lung cancer. Living for Liz is a program that is dear to our hearts – and my absolute favorite part of the motorcycle rally is hearing Monica, Mary Jo, and Susan sing the national anthem. Their joy, patriotism, and love of their community shine through in every note! It’s a small thing, that has an enormous impact on everyone. Monica and her husband Steve have shown us how to turn sorrow into passion and to continue shining the light of their beautiful daughter with the rest of the world.

Whatever you love, do it with everything you’ve got and as often as possible. Many times people look around and ask what the world needs. The truth is, the world needs people who are alive with purpose. Find your passion, and you will have found your purpose. That’s how you give the world all the good that you can.

How will you shine your light TODAY?

For more information on Lung Cancer Research
and Living For Liz, visit:

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