ep16 StungJennifer, a 22-year-old woman fresh out of college, landed a job in Quality Assurance at a software company. She dreamed of a more creative position as a software developer, and saw this entry-level position as a great starting point in her career.

Soon after stating her new career, Jenn began feeling the effects of long hours and inter-office politics. She began “blowing off steam” at the office, complaining about little things, criticizing people’s actions, and openly doubting the direction of the company.

After about a year of working in QA, a position opened up in development, and Jennifer submitted her resume, feeling confident that she was not only well trained for the job, but that she would bring a lot of wonderfully innovative ideas to the table.

A week later, she was shocked to find out that someone else had been offered the position. She, of course, went to Human Resources to make her case. The HR director explained that although she was well qualified for the job, management passed her over due to her poor attitude and her flagrant indiscretion about office affairs. Jenn went back to her cubicle with a heavy heart and a lesson well learned.

Gossip, complaining and general negativity create an energy that affects you and everyone around you. This dark cloud negatively affects your family, friendships, love-life and work relationships. In short, it cripples your chances of success in all areas. It’s like kicking over the beehive – when you do, you’ll anger the bees and you’ll get stung.

Everything in life is built on relationships, and people don’t want to be around people who are always focused on the dark side of things. So when you feel like kicking over a beehive, try to find a morsel of ‘sweetness’ in the situation. Beekeepers are very calm when handling the hive, and they’re rewarded with honey for their efforts. You will too.

How will YOU gather your honey today?

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