ep26 shoreSome people are natural risk-takers. Other people are content to stay where they are because it’s comfortable. And they are willing to stay there, even if it means they are settling for a life of unfulfilled dreams.

But to experience life to its fullest, we must stretch beyond our comfort zones. And we must leave the shores of the familiar to set sail for new horizons.

Sure, it’s scary. There may be turbulent squalls, intimidating waves, and maybe even pirates. But with each challenge you meet, you will be closer to discovering new lands, new people, and new opportunities.

Without a willingness to take the risk–in spite of our fear and uncertainty—to seek unfamiliar shores, we resign ourselves to lives of mediocrity in a familiar port of call.

It’s been said that growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. So, too, does adventure, self-knowledge, and a life well-lived. But we must be willing to take risks to get there. The first risk is to pull away from the dock and set sail for the lives we’ve always wanted.

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