ep28 courageWhen you think of courage, what images come to mind?

For many people, it’s a fireman running into a burning building, a soldier storming into battle, or a mother protecting her children from imminent danger.

While these are indeed all examples of courage, they represent only a small percentage of the courageous acts shown by countless people every day.

Courage comes from the Latin root word, “cor” which means “of the heart,” so to have courage literally means to follow your heart.

As long as you are alive, your heart keeps beating. Sometimes it is loud and fierce, guiding you in bold directions. Other times it is soft and steady, quietly encouraging you to pursue a simple dream. But all the while, it keeps going.

Courage doesn’t mean we have to defeat the enemy or save someone in distress. Courage is just being willing to make a change, take a risk or pursue a dream.

As long as you are willing to rise when you have fallen, press on, and persevere to the end, you are acting with great courage. And your obstacles will eventually have no choice but to succumb to your strength of will.

How can YOU live courageously TODAY?

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