ep15 happinessNo matter what happens in your life, where you go, or whom you encounter, the common denominator is always YOU.

It may seem that the outside world has a big influence on your happiness, but the fact is that there are blissful people living in abject poverty, and miserable wrecks living in penthouse apartments with all the material comforts the world can offer.

This goes to show that happiness is truly an inside job.

If you are struggling to find happiness in your life, here are 3 simple tips to help you shift your perspective and move toward happiness at a moment’s notice.


  1. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Our thoughts seem to have a mind of their own, and if we are not monitoring them, they can take us down a dark and dreary path. And before we know it, we are feeling bad about ourselves and life in general. Notice what your self-talk is saying to you. Is it condemning or criticizing you? Or is it building you up and encouraging you? More often than not, it is the former. By simply catching the negative voice and reframing it to a positive one, you can get back on track to happiness.


  1. Openly Express Gratitude

When you speak your appreciation, you not only improve your disposition, but you will improve someone else’s as well. And when you’re surrounded by people filled with gratitude, the world is a lot more fun…and it only gets better.


  1. Go to Your Happy Place

Meditation and visualization have been proven over and again to stimulate the parts of the brain that govern mood and improve overall human performance. Take a mini-vacation by closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths and imagining that you’re on a sunny beach or near a mountain stream. Stay there for 2-5 minutes, then open your eyes.


There’s enough misery in the world. Do your part to tip the scales toward love, acceptance and true contentment, and you’ll be happy no matter where you are.

What will YOU do to generate happiness for yourself today?

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