failureHave you ever tried something and failed?   Of course…we all have. The more important question is “How did that attempt make you stronger?”

When baby chicks are hatching from their eggs, they almost never break the shell on their first peck. They must peck over and over again to get the first crack, and then continue until the shell falls away.

The repeated attempts at freedom actually give the chicks the strength they need to survive life outside of the egg. In fact, if they receive help and don’t build their strength, they will die shortly after hatching. And if they never make the first peck…well, those chicks will never have a chance at life.

In your great attempts, it is essential that you give yourself wholeheartedly to the task at hand, knowing that you may fail the first few (or fifty) times.

In your failed attempts, you’ve already gained more glory, strength and character than if you had stayed in your comfort zone, wishing, wanting and waiting for another day.

There is no success without failure, so you might as well get those failures out of the way so you can experience the glory of achievement.  

For More Inspiration on Failing, check out John Maxwell’s book ‘Failing Forward’ here.

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