ep14 Lights UpDo you know what really lights you up?

For every one of us, there is that pursuit…that project…that passion that makes us feel excited and alive. For some it is parenting and counseling, for others it is travel and art, or numbers and organization.

The trick to enjoying life and experiencing to its fullest is to figure out what lights you up and live for that. Do it every day if you can…and if you can’t, at least spend every day working toward it.

Once you start on that path, exciting new opportunities and possibilities will open up seemingly out of nowhere. People will approach you with tools that you need, and the connections you’ve been waiting for. Opportunities will “magically” fall in your lap.

And above all, once you start moving toward your dreams, you will feel that RUSH of life flowing through you that only comes from living on purpose. You will have more energy than you know what to do with, and everything you do will seem more worthwhile.

Of course, maybe you already feel this way. If that is the case, keep going. There are more rewards waiting for you around the next corner.

What can YOU do to pursue your dreams TODAY?

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