obstaclesYou’ll recall in chapter one of Frustration: Breakfast of Champions the story of my daughter Hillary discovering that she was literally allergic to her job!! After investing years of time and money to become a pastry chef, that career path was taken off the table (at least until she can discover a work around!) Talk about a career obstacle and the need to deal with frustration head on!

Here’s the difference between people who get what they want, and people who don’t:

People who get what they want persevere through obstacles and challenges until they’ve reached their goal.

In other words, they don’t give up.

It sounds so simple, and yet you would be surprised how many people stop at the first sign that things aren’t going according to plan. Or maybe you recognize this in your own life. There’s no shame in that—we all do it! The trick is to train yourself to JUST KEEP GOING… no matter how high those obstacles may seem.

Here’s the thing: there’s a myth that people who get what they want have it easy. They don’t face obstacles. They have some advantage I don’t. They don’t have to work for what they want like I do. Poppycock. Sure, some people are always going to have advantages that you don’t… but surely YOU have advantages that others wish they had.

And the biggest advantage you can have is to cultivate the grit, determination and perseverance to get where you’re going, no matter what.

So go ahead, feel the frustration of minor setbacks and lean into your challenges with hearty resolve. With an attitude of perseverance and a habit of taking action, before long you’ll become one of those people who get whatever they desire.

Today’s champion challenge is to simply identify obstacles in your life. It doesn’t have to be major obstacle that requires career change as Hillary’s did, perhaps there are other simpler obstacles that hold you back from experiencing as much satisfaction in your career as you deserve. List it out, see if there are common denominators. Then begin asking yourself great questions to get past the frustration of the moment.

What is my true goal? What is the outcome I’m seeking?
What information or resources can I gather to see the bigger picture of the situation?
Are there any action steps that I can take today to get me even one step closer to my goal?

Remember combing frustration with curiosity is a powerful emotional tool that propels you forward and gets you out of stinkin thinking.

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