Dream Big
July 22, 2015
Remember Your True Goals
December 5, 2016

Pennies From Heaven

penniesOften people think that wealth is the result of divine intervention, luck, fate or karma.

But the reality is, financial fortune doesn’t come from those places. Prosperity is earned with effort, energy, and hard work.

There’s no doubt that it’s great to have faith in something larger than yourself. Faith is a part of the formula… but it’s not the only part. True abundance comes from being grateful for what you have… PLUS good, old-fashioned effort.

Unfortunately, your chances of winning the lottery are slim. It’s far more likely you’ll be struck by lightning (twice) than get the winning ticket. But time and time again, we are tempted to hope that luck or miracles will bring us the wealth we desire.

We must take responsibility for creating our own prosperity. When we quit waiting for a windfall and set our minds to creating our own abundance, our lives will be richer for it. In more ways than one.

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