on fireWhen the term “Genius” was first coined, it was believed that a genius was a spiritual being that lived in the walls of artists’ homes.

The only way to “invoke the genius” was to settle in and get to work. It didn’t matter whether or not the artist felt motivated. If he or she simply started applying their gift toward the craft – if they started creating – eventually the genius would show up, take over and voila!, a masterpiece was formed.

If you want it, it’s up to YOU to get it.

These podcasts take commitment, and to tell you the truth, I’m not always inspired to turn on the microphone and get started. My demons seem to negate the ‘genie’ inside and provide me plenty of excuses to procrastinate! My throat is foggy, I don’t have time, no-one is listening anyway!! The results show up simply because I get past the excuses and take the first step – turning on the mic!

While we all wish we had a magic genie in our walls that will do all the work for us, the truth is that success is a user-driven experience. In other words…

You (might) stumble upon the right connections at the right time, and your endeavors will suddenly pop; it may feel as if your success has spontaneously combusted.

But the truth is, you’ve been building it for a long time. You’ve been formulating, thinking, dreaming and planning your success. That “pop” is not a spontaneous combustion, it’s a fire you’ve been building for years.

There’s an old saying in Hollywood…

“It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”

Every day you must motivate yourself. Every day you must take one more step toward your goals. Every day you must improve upon your skills and abilities, and tend to the fire you’re building.

As much we all wish we had a “genius” in our walls or someone to simply hand us our success, the raw truth is that we must make the choice, every day, to become better than we were the day before. Only then will we find success.

How will YOU set yourself on fire TODAY?

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