skys limitWhen I began my consulting career in 1996, my first thoughts were, “I don’t have an MBA – who is going to listen to my business advice?” If you are like I was, and most people really, you may have some type of limiting belief about age, education, or sheer ridiculousness of your idea or dreams that hold you back.

When the Wright brothers first dreamed of flying, they were told it couldn’t be done. Many had tried and failed. For two men who didn’t have high school diplomas, creating a ‘flying machine’ was a big dream.

If the Wright brothers had listened to the voice of reason they would never have gotten off the ground. Their growing list of crash reports was proof aplenty that man could not fly. And after the Army failed to get their plane off the ground, The New York Times reported that it might be 1 to 10 million years before a working airplane could be built.

But the Wright brothers didn’t give up, and they didn’t allow frustration over perceived failures stop them! While others were limited by their logic, Wilbur and Orville had a dream. They imagined the impossible…and they were determined to make it real.

Each account of what failed only brought them closer to a solution. And a mere eight days after The Times predicted humans might be grounded for several millennia, the Wright brothers made the first successful flight.

Just think, once flying was considered to be something only birds could do, and now it’s as common as driving a car. Before something can exist, we need to imagine it first. So let your imagination soar. Who knows what YOU will create –

Your action step for today is to get revved up – sing, dance, listen to your favorite song, exercise, run, do whatever it takes to get yourself in a highly elevated, energetic emotional state – THEN GO BACK IN TIME AND REMEMBER YOUR BIG DREAMS! You know what I’m talking about – the silly idea you had long ago and some boss, or teacher, spouse or friend told you it was ridiculous! Get reconnected to the dream and start letting go your limiting beliefs . The world needs more creative champions like you!!

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