ep20 actionsHave you ever thought about doing something really kind for someone, then filed that thought away in the “Later” folder…only to forget about it until much later?

Now, have you ever thought about doing something kind, and then did it? What was the response? Chances are, you probably made that person’s day…or at least you made a positive memory.

You can never know the full effects of the actions you’ve taken and how their ripples impact the world around you. The simple truth is, when you plant seeds of compassion, everyone enjoys the fruits and grains of kindness and benevolence…including YOU.

Everything you do is important, and the gifts that you have to offer the world are priceless. Don’t leave your gifts to sit in the cold vaults of “Later.” Let them be seen, and let the world (and your life) benefit from the positive, wonderful things that you do.

What wonderful things will YOU do TODAY?

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